Mikhail Brashinsky

The first popular film critic in Russian cinema to turn to filmmaking, Mr. Brashinsky has made his debut with BLACK ICE (GOLOLED, 2003) which he wrote, directed and edited. It premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, was an Official Selection of the 2003 Berlinale, and received the New Directors Showcase Award at the Seattle International Film Festival, among other prizes, that year. Since then, Mr. Brashinsky has directed ANOMALOUS ZONE (ANOMALNAYA ZONA, 2003), an episode of The Killing Force, a hit TV-series for Russia’s Channel 1, TUNGUS METEORITE (TUNGUSSKYI METEORIT, 2008), a TV-pilot, and BLOOD TYPE (GRUPPA KROVI , 2006), a documentary on the Russian Koreans. SHOPPING TOUR (2012), his second feature and his first effort as a producer, has received three major prizes (Critics’ Prize, Best Female Performance, and Grand-Prix) at the Russian National Film Festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg (2012) and the Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival “Polar Lights” (2012, St.Petersburg, Russia). It also screened at the International Film Festivals in Helsinki, Turin, Goteborg, Sitges, Budapest, Wiesbaden, Nashville and others.


A Road Movie (1991, short, 6 min., b/w, 8mm/video)
Let Them Think We’re Sportsmen (Pust’ dumayut, chto my – sportsmeny, 1999, short, 7 min., b/w & colour, video; for the art-show “The Underwear of the Soviet Era”)
Black Ice (Gololed, 2003, 70 min., color, digital to 35 mm)
•Rotterdam International Film Festival (Official Selection; World Premiere, January 24, 2003)
•Berlin International Film Festival 2003 (Official Selection; Internationales Forum des Yungen Films)
•Seattle International Film Festival 2003
New Directors Showcase Award
•International Festival of Film Debuts “The Spirit of Fire” 2003, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
The Bronze Taiga Award
•Moscow Premiere Festival 2003
Federation of Moscow Film Clubs (FEKIM) Award for the Search of the New Film Language
•Moscow Pegasus Festival 2003
Silver Pegasus
•Jeonju (S.Korea) International Film Festival 2003 (Competition)
•Sochi Open National Film Festival 2003 (Panorama)
•Geneva International Festival of Film & Television “Cinema Tout Ecran” 2003 (Nouveautes)
•Russian Film Week in New York 2003
The Most Promising Talent Award to actress Victoria Tolstoganova
•International Independent Film Festival “Pure Dreams” (St.Petersburg) 2003
Best Actor Award to Ilya Shakunov
•Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2003
•Vladivostok International Film Festival “Pacific Meridian” 2003
•Prague International Film, Television and Video Festival “Febiofest” 2004
Force-5: Anomalous Zone (Uboinaya sila-5: Anomalnaya zona, 2003, TV,
49 min., 1st broadcast 30 October 2003, Channel 1, Moscow)
Blood Type (Gruppa krovi, 2006, documentary, 44 min.)
•Pusan (S.Korea) International Film Festival 2006 (Wide Angle)
•Moscow International Human Rights Film Festival “Stalker” 2006
•Sochi Open National Film Festival 2006 (In the Mirror of the Document)
•”Chir Chaiaan” International Arts Festival 2006, Abakan, Russia
•Vladivostok International Film Festival “Pacific Meridian” 2006
Tungus Meteorite (Tungusskyi meteorit, 2008, TV, Pilot, 100 min.), unfinished
Shopping Tour (2012, 70 min., color, digital)
•ХХ National Film Festival «Window on Europe» (Vyborg, Russia; World Premiere: August 15, 2012)
Russian Fim Critics’ Prize
Best Female Performance (Tatyana Kolganova)
Grand Prix (Best Film)
•25th Helsinki International Film Festival “Love & Anarchy” (Helsinki, Finland; 20-30/9 2012) Official Selection
•5th International Film Festival “East & West” (Orenburg, Russia; October 2012) Open Russian Competition “Tangled Parallels”
•International Film Festival of Independent Cinema “2morrow” (Moscow, Russia; October 2012), Offside Programme, Opening Film
•III International Film Festival “Polar Lights” (St.Petersburg, Russia; November 2012)
Special Jury Prize
•30th Torino International Film Festival (Turin, Italy; 23/11 – 1/12 2012) Official Selection, Rapporto Confidenziale
•36th Göteborg International Film Festival (Göteborg, Sweden; 25/1 – 4/2 2013) Official Selection
•20th Budapest “Titanic” International Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary; 5-13/4 2013) Official Selection
•13th Wiesbaden “goEast” International Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany; 10-16/4 2013) Official Selection
•44th Nashville Film Festival (Nashville, USA; 18-25/4 2013) Official Selection
•8th Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Haapsalu, Estonia; 25-28/4 2013)
•Indiefest (Tartu, Estonia; 21-24/5 2013)
•46th Sitges International Festival of Fantastic Cinema (Sitges, Spain; 11-20/10 2013) Official Selection
•7th «Sputnik Over Poland» Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland, 7-17/11 2013) Competition
•Russian Film Week in Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 27/11-04/12 2013)
We’re All Gypsies. AKHE in Finland (2013, documentary, 100 min.), completed
Antalia (2014), in development
Shopping Tour-2 (2014), in development
Slow Red Waves (2014), in development


Black Ice (Gololed, dir. Mikhail Brashinsky, 2003)
La Traductrice (Switzerland-Russia, dir. Elena Hazanov, 2006)
Churchill: The Night Visitor (Nochnoy vizit, dir. Niklay Khomeriki, TV-feature, RTR Channel, 2009)
Churchill: The Deadly Part (Smertelnaya rol, dir. Boris Khlebnikov, TV-feature, RTR Channel, 2009)
Churchill: Optical Illusion (Opticheskiy obman, dir. Avdotya Smirnova, TV-feature, RTR Channel, 2009)
Churchill: Kill Me! (Ubei menya, Ilya Malkin, TV-feature, RTR Channel, 2009)
The History of the Russian Show Business (Istoriya rossiyskogo show-biznesa, 2010, TV, documentary, 20 episodes x 48 min., STS Channel
Awards: TEFI-2010 Award in the Best TV Documentary Series nomination
Dubrovsky (TV 4-part miniseries/Feature, NTV Channel, 2011)
One, Two, Three, the Wicked Witch Is Free (a play for puppet theatre in 1 act)
Premiere in Poland: Bialystok Puppet Theatre (BTL), Bialystok, Poland, 19 March 2011;
Premiere in Finland: Tehdas Theater, Turku, Finland, titled: Noiduttu Leikki, 20 September 2013
Ricochet (Switzerland-Russia, 2012, dir. Elena Hazanov), in development
Shopping Tour (2012)
In Treatment (Bez svidetelei, 2012, Channel 1, Season 1: Episodes 25, 30, 35, 40, 45; Season 2 (2013): Episodes 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80)


Two Days (Dva dnya, dir. Avdotya Smirnova, 2011, Film Director)
Hard Case (Tyazhelyi sluchai, dir. Konstantin Murzenko, 2013, Kuvshinsky)
Obsessed (Ozabochennye, dir. Boris Khlebnikov, tv-series, 2015, Book Publisher)